The Red Desert officially formed on 08/08/08. Chris, John, Mike and Keith came to be a band through a series of events, some tragic, some beautiful by way of fate possibly, circumstance definitely. A self proclaimed "progressive" band, they take musical and lyrical ideas and mold them so to reach the full potential of each and every song. The Red Desert sees progressive as a way of evolving music to the next level, where ever that may be.

"We don't abide by any boundaries or limitations when we create music. Nothing is written to suit the strict confines of pop, rock, funk or any other single style we grace across. Whatever we are feeling - that's the song that is made. If we enjoy what we're hearing, we share it with others."
-- Keith Reilly

In 2009 the band released their first basement born effort entitled "Playing Scared", a six song demo of which they are proud, but by no means use as a benchmark. There will be no such limits and since then they have continued to create, produce and perform a large collection of original songs with a surprise cover song every once in a while, done The Red Desert way. Can't make it to the next show? Check out the live action "Nectar" video or the animated "Factory" video along with "Scissors" and more videos currently being produced here at You'll be able to check out TRD's exclusive "new song a month", always free with all of their material there for your progressive musical experience. Performing their music live is a passion all it's own, sharing an energized point of view for anyone willing to be a witness. anytime. anywhere. The Red Desert knows, if you can't bring it: don't book it. --John Ardolina, 7/13/11

For a more detailed account of the band's history, click here to read a bio written by John in late 2008, when the band had first formed.